The Asendia Returns range will bring peace of mind for retailers in their cross-border returns management.

Thanks to the combination of local returns facilities, local postage solutions and the power of an international network, Asendia has launched a new returns service to answer your specific needs.

Our solutions are simple and flexible, offering your customers convenient international and domestic returns.

You can edit return labels with our dedicated software Asendia Shipping, and choose to benefit either from Prepaid or Partly-paid options.

With Asendia Tracking, you and your customers can trace returned parcels quickly and conveniently.


  • Simple and flexible returns management
  • A complete tracking solution for you and your customers
  • Access to our local network; closer proximity for drop-offs of returns
  • Option to personalise frequency of returns according to volume

Ideal for

  • Making your cross-border returns management easy and reliable
  • Increasing customer satisfaction with benefits such as free returns
  • E-commerce companies with high return rates such as fashion retailers
  • Online retailers looking for comprehensive cross-border returns solutions

How Asendia can help your business deliver

Customer care

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    Response Handling

    Tailored to your campaign response needs.

    Whether you need to manage subscriptions, process payments or analyze campaigns, you can choose from a wide range of our response handling services to support your customer relationship management.

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  • Response Mail
    Response Mail

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    It’s an economical solution for any customer communications that demand a reply.

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