IT / Electronic Data Interchange (EDI ) /Labels

Asendia can help you find the best solution based on the needs of your business and your existing IT infrastructure.

We currently have two main solutions: our in-house developed system and a third-party supplier developed system.

Close-up of hand holding a barcode scanner scanning small parcel

In-house system

Our In-house developed system that requires the inclusion of a module in the ERP system, can be used to electronically transmit shipment information. This system must also be able to produce barcode labels.

Third party supplier

Software developed system by a third party supplier can either be used as a separate solution or be integrated with your in-house ERP system. Asendia offers integration services in cooperation with software providers like Logistra and Consignor. Other third party suppliers have also set up accessible barcodes and EDI solutions.


  • We offer a range of software solutions
  • Flexible solutions based on customer's needs
  • Cost-effective solutions to get you started
  • In-house developed system available
  • Integration services with third party suppliers Logistra and Consignor
  • Additional third party integrations available

We are available to give you more information on the IT, EDI and label process and connections

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