Fulfillment and Warehousing

Asendia Norway provides full range of customised Fulfillment and Warehousing Services.

We can offer expert support with Inbound receipt, storage, Pick and Pack, Customer returns of all your products.

These services include:

Inbound receipt: Goods are always unloaded in a covered facility safe from hard weather conditions (rain, sun etc.)

Storage: The products are stored in a secure and safe warehouse. No products are stored on directly on the floor and there are special delimited areas for:

  • Returned products (used, non-sellable)
  • Damaged packaging products (waiting for pagkaging)
  • Damaged products (quality hold)
  • Inventory controll is done by a cycle count procedure. Wall to wall counts may have to be performed on request

Outbound - Pick/Pack/Ship:

  • Consumer orders will be neatly and safely packed into shipping boxes per sender’s instructions
  • Orders may require additional handling such as gift wrapping, printing gift cards and sample/booklet inserts
  • Labeling: shipping box must be correctly labeled, compliant with the parcel carrier requirements and dangerous goods regulations
  • Shipping cut-offs should be met to make sure parcels are injected timely into the courier supply chain.

Customers returns: Returns will come in on item level. A process for non-saleable returns, blocked stock, will need to be part of the operating procedures. Alternative returns procedures will be considered.

Transportation and order tracking:

Operationally: Supplier will coordinate all shipping related activities with all carriers daily. This includes daily planning of parcel pick-ups in full compliance with carrier expectation about volumes, timings, shipping method (pallet, boxes), labelling, paperwork.

Track&Trace is actively monitored and updated daily when:

  • order is picked
  • order is packed
  • order is on delivery
  • order is dispatched / in transit
  • order is delivered to local distribution partner

Insurance is the responsibility of the sender up to commercial value of the goods.


  • Local presence in Norway and the Nordics.
  • Independent supplier – we find the best solution for you in Norway and the Nordics.
  • Short distribution time to local receivers in Norway and the Nordics.
  • Local knowledge of the market place.