Fully-tracked Goods

Meet the needs of your international customers with our Letter Parcel that is a Fully-tracked service, with mailbox delivery with priority handling.

A free IT app to prepare your parcels, free e-mail and sms notifications for your customers, plus tracking and insurance options so you can tailor the solution to your needs.

Fully-tracked Goods gives the best combination of price and tracking, offering excellent value.

This fully-tracked product was specifically developed for those who wish to offer a total service for deliveries to private persons and who have shipments that weigh from 50 grams to 2 kgs.

The parcel is picked up by our driver and is delivered directly to the letter sorting office for onward distribution to your customer’s mail box or doormat.

The shipment is tracked all the way to the delivery point and the recipient receives an SMS text when it has been delivered.


  • Tracking notifications at several stages through to final delivery
  • Mailbox delivery (without signature from customer)
  • Perfect for customers that have shipments weighing from 50g - 2kgs
  • SMS and/or e-mail notifications on arrival
Our range of Goods solutions makes ecommerce across border easy, offering tracking options for all budgets and markets.
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