Customs clearance into Norway and the Nordics

We can customise solutions according to your product, price point and adapted to local rules and regulations in each country.

We can also offer Total Landed Cost/DDP solutions where the consumer pays for customs clearance, VAT, and duties at the time of purchase.

Cost effective DDU and enhanced DDU solutions.

Conditions and documentation required (to be sent by email or downloaded to a server with joint access):

  • Based on electronic files; csv import files for customs clearances, commercial invoice and shipping documents from transport company
  • Pdf copies of all invoices to end customers in Norway
  • Known and validated products (product categories), shippers and sellers in advance.
  • Price may vary depending on high risk import agent product categories, such as dangerous goods, food, health supplements, tools, electronics, fluids, vehicle parts, etc.
  • Norlane does not accept importation of food, alcohol, tobacco products, medication without special agreement/authorization

Benefits: DDP/Total landed cost

  • Increase sales through optimized customs solutions and improve your customers experience
  • No additional charges / VAT / Duties / Customs Clearance when goods arrive to consumer
  • No additional time/effort to arrange for customs clearence when consumer receives the goods
  • Transparent pricing for both senders and consumers
  • VAT refund for returned goods which are re-exported
  • Use of the NOK 350 VAT and duty free limit to Norway