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Shipping parcels to Norway

Asendia Norway is chosen by leading international businesses to deliver their parcels to consumers in Norway.

We are experts on Norwegian logistics processes and customer's delivery expectations. This strong know-how can simplify the retailer's experience when selling to Norway and the Nordics, and provide a superior experience for Norwegian and Nordic consumers.

Our solution includes delivery, customs clearance and returns.


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Goods Managements

Packet and Parcel Services to Norway

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We offer a range of packet and parcel services to Norway, from lowest cost untracked services to feature-rich services with full tracking.


Untracked and partially-tracked parcel services to Norway

If you've decided that paying extra for a tracked international parcel service isn't warranted, then our Standard Goods packet and parcel delivery service is perfect for your smaller packages (up to 2kg).

For a little extra peace of mind we offer Country-tracked Goods. This service provides a scan when the item arrives in the country, so you and your customer knows the package is on its way.


Premium Goods - where end-to-end tracking is essential

Premium Goods is an excellent tracked delivery service for parcels up to 35 kgs in Norway and 20 kgs in the other Nordic countries. Trusted by consumers and providing flexibility and peace of mind.

Pick-Up Points
Yellow Icon We have more than 5,800 pick-up points in the Nordic region, more than 1,600 of them in Norway. The parcel can be picked up from here whenever it suits the recipient.
Yellow Icon We have the largest network of pick-up points in the Nordic region.
Yellow Icon We offer fast and secure delivery to Norway’s entire population.
Yellow Icon We pick up the parcel from you and your customer picks the parcel up from the nearest pick-up point.
Yellow Icon Your customer receives a message by e-mail, SMS text or letter when the parcel can be picked up.
Yellow Icon Our pick-up points are shops with a convenient location, long opening hours and service-minded employees.
Yellow Icon You can follow the parcel all the way via Track & Trace.

Home Delivery
Yellow Icon Goods to your customer’s home, daytime or evening
Yellow Icon Mailboxable format offering first time delivery and savings
Yellow Icon Fully tracked with notification by SMS text or e-mail
Yellow Icon Home delivery is agreed via sms, email or by telephone
Yellow Icon Goods are delivered to the agreed location at ground level
Yellow Icon Home delivery is divided into two time windows: daytime or evening delivery.
Yellow Icon Shipments to addresses in urban areas are delivered between 08.00 and 21.00.



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Customs clearance

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We have expert solutions to help clear your parcels through Norwegian customs without delay.

Norway is a non-EU member of the European Economic Area, which means there are different rules regarding duties and VAT in comparison to other Nordic countries. Furthermore, Norway sets its own tariffs on goods imported from outside Norway..

Rely on our expertise and we'll be the bridge between your company and The Norwegian Customs Authority.).


Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) solutions

For DDP, parcels are delivered to your customers and any duty and taxes are invoiced back to you. You can include these costs in your selling prices so you don't lose out, and your shopper can see a fully landed price on your store, and has no surprise additional costs when their parcel arrives to Norwegian customers. 


Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) solutions

For DDU, customers pay their own taxes, duties and fees once notified by Asendia, and parcels can then be released for the final mile journey.


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Offer Norwegian shoppers a returns process that encourages them to shop with you

One of the major challenges for e-commerce businesses that sell in Norway is returns. Norwegians are very discerning consumers with high expectations: they have the highest online return rates in the Nordic region and the lowest satisfaction rates with orders!

As Norway isn’t part of the EU, it can take a long time for returned purchases to cross the border and get back to the e-tailer. Asendia can make returns simple and convenient for you and your customers, allowing the e-tailer to start the refunding process at reception in the local returns management centre.

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Asendia Shipping

We've made it easier for you to manage cross-border shipments to Norway

Asendia Shipping, our shipping platform, makes it easy and efficient to access all delivery options to Norway and around the world. You choose your services and the countries you want to ship to, and it will provide the correct label for each parcel.

Yellow Icon Manage all your parcel shipments in one place regardless of service, format and country
Yellow Icon Create, edit and print address labels in bulk or individually
Yellow Icon Access all Asendia solutions for worldwide delivery or choose specific countries and services
Yellow Icon Integrates with your systems and ERP platforms like Logistra and Consignor
Yellow Icon Handles customs paperwork and data transfer
Yellow Icon Process shipments of up to 35kg
Yellow Icon GDPR compliant & fully secure


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Asendia Tracking

With reliable tracking and local language notifications we minimise your "where's my parcel?" enquiries.

Asendia Tracking is our fully integrated tracking platform that offers both retailer and end consumer views. For retailers, it works seamlessly with your existing systems, giving you full visibility of all your parcels with customisable reports and complete up to date accurate tracking information. For your consumers, the platform is available in multiple languages and gives them real time updates of their parcels.

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All tracking information in one place
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Retailer view includes higher visibility of the parcels journey
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Consumers can contact Asendia or our final mile partners directly to track parcels for faster resolutions
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Multiple search options for improved efficiency
Yellow Icon Local language email notifications & alerts via the platform
Yellow Icon Consumer views complete parcel journey for peace of mind
Yellow Icon Multiple languages available for a local experience
Yellow Icon Customisable reports to suit your needs




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