Our founding companies, La Poste and Swiss Post, were ahead of their time in focusing on sustainability.

We continue that heritage by taking positive, responsible action to minimize our impact on the natural world. Sustainability comes naturally to us and reflects our core values.

In some countries, Asendia offers carbon mitigation schemes so customers can offset the carbon produced by their mailings.


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Our Key Commitments


We like to choose suppliers that share our sustainability values and can show that they are making a difference in the way they work.


We strive to develop every service with sustainable best practice built in. This helps our customers to grow their businesses in the most environmentally-friendly way.

Asendia Sustainability


We are committed to Measure, Reduce, Offset, and Advise - we apply this to everything we do. From energy-efficient transport to investment in carbon offsetting projects.


We work out our carbon emissions from transport, energy use, business travel, and commuting.



We're always finding ways to make our business more energy-efficient. That means using transport resources better, conserving energy, and buying responsibly.


We offset our measured carbon emissions by voluntarily investing in sustainability projects, without passing on costs to our customers.



We have developed direct mail management services that cut out unnecessary and unwanted postal deliveries, saving on both materials and energy.



Carbon Neutral Delivery

We're proud that all our deliveries from Europe are now carbon neutral and we're working hard all over the world to do even better. 

We're offsetting our carbon emissions by investing in seven wind farm sites in India. The 113 turbines together produce enough energy to meet the annual needs of 600,000 individuals. As well as providing cleaner energy, the wind farms support local economies.


Carbon Neutral Green


The wind farm developer gives back a proportion of profits to community projects, including free school meals, health clinics, road maintenance, and financial skills workshops. There are also programs to create jobs and support farmers. Our project makes a positive difference to everyday life for so many and is recognized by the prestigious international Voluntary Carbon Standard.

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